“I am gonna start a real story, I am gonna start with the name”- Kendrick Lamar

It gives an identity, It makes one immemorial, It has so many stories attached to it that never fails to afouse one’s curiosity. And all of it makes it all the more intriguing….Yes it’s the name and it’s the story of it’s coming into being!

We all are aware of the various stories, from time and now, that portrays how did Calcutta got it’s name.I thought it would be no less interesting to dig out how the various districts of Bengal were named.

Birbhum: The name probably meant Land (bhumi) of the Brave (bir). Another theory says that name originated from the name of Bagdi king Bir Malla who ruled the area from 1501 to 1554 CE.

Burdwan: Historians opine that the district derived its name from the 24th and last Jain Tirthankar Mahavira Vardhamana, who came to preach in this area.

Bankura: One of the most influential Gods of district Dharmathakur is called Bankura Roy and thus how the district gained its name.

Darjeeling: The name came from Tibetan words; Dorje meaning thunderbolt Ling meaning land…Hence Land of Thunderbolt.

Jalpaiguri: While few opine that the district got its name from Bhutanese term je-le-po-go-ri meaning place where warm clothes are traded, others suggest the name came from Land (guri) of olive (Jalpai).

Hooghly: Adopted from the distributory of river Ganga named Hugli.

Howrah: The name came from the word Haor bengali word meaning fluvial swampy lake.

Midnapore: One account claims that the district was named after a local deity Medinimta.

Murshidabad: Earlier known as Muksudabad, the district attained its present day name from the name of the then ruler Murshid Quli Khan!!

Nadia: Nadia district took it’s name from Naodah City or present day Nabadwip.

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